Dragon Theatre Productions

“Dragons are the keepers of the flame, to be shared with every
creature…” – Leslie Levengood

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Dragon Theatre Productions is a community-inclusive theatre program of
Imagination Celebration in Colorado Springs that creates roles for any
actor who can make the performance commitment. This opportunity is
open to people of all ages and abilities, which helps in building
community and celebrating diversity. Under this model, entire families
can audition together and participate, and many actors who have
typically BEEN excluded from the performance process are given the
opportunity to perform. We do this by creating roles to showcase
each actor’s talent through a collaborative, team-building process
that promotes individual strengths, accommodates challenges, encourages project
ownership, and fosters an environment of goal-oriented cooperation,
using lessons from building the only dedicated community-inclusive
theatre project in Colorado.

Contact:  dtp@imaginationcelebration.org     for more information!

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If you can attend AND want to support Dragon Theatre Productions a bit more, or you cannot attend and (even more!) want to support Dragon Theatre Productions’ great work, please enter your tax-deductible donation by clicking the DONATE button below.  Thank you for supporting inclusion and creativity!

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