Kaleidoscope Arts Project Programs

Pre-dance: This class is for our youngest dancers beginning at 3 years of age. Pre-dance is a ballet-based class but will also introduce students to tap, creative movement, and music.

Level One: This division is for dancers 5-9 years of age. Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and jazz with additional time given to explore their imaginations, expand their creativity, and continue their appreciation of music theory.

Level Two: Students will have the opportunity to take a Ballet, Jazz, and Tap Combination Class, a theater class, or all three! Students must be at least 7 years of age or by a teacher’s recommendation.

Levels Three, Four, Five: There are classes in these divisions for beginning students through professionals, ages middle school through adult. Classes offered are ballet, jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, and musical theater.

Students with physical challenges and the differently-abled are welcome at the Kaleidoscope Arts Project. Classes in dance and theater are offered for students with special abilities. If you have any questions about class appropriateness and placement, please contact Director Betsy McClenahan.


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