El Paso County Enterprise Zone


Get an additional 25% tax savings

when you donate at least $250.


Imagination Celebration has been accepted as a Contribution Project for the El Paso County Enterprise Zone. This special status means our donors get an additional 25% tax savings in addition to existing charitable tax deductions provided by the Federal government and the State of Colorado. This additional Enterprise Zone tax credit applies to all donating taxpayers, regardless of whether you itemize deductions.

Here’s how the process works: Write your check to “El Paso County Enterprise Zone” and write “Imagination Celebration” in the memo line. Mail the check to Imagination Celebration, 1515 N. Academy, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. The Enterprise Zone administrator will mail a Colorado State Tax Certificate to you, the contributor, for use in filing state taxes, which allows the extra 25% tax credit. There is a $250 minimum donation to take advantage of this program.