Colorado Springs Independent Give! Campaign

Hear what people who have been touched by Imagination Celebration have to say about us:

“Imagination Celebration does more than simply bring educational art, dance, music and theatre into area schools and host a series of public events. It is enriching the lives of young people in ways that cut across the many, diverse segments of our community, at a time when too many young people go begging for positive experiences.”  ~The Gazette

Literacy-based Live Performance in region’s finest venue:

(Five minutes before the show starts) “It’s not a movie? Aww, I don’t think I’m going to like this.”
(Five minutes after the show begins) “I DO. I DO like this and I never want it to end!”  ~Kayne, Age 6

“I grew up in New York City and I have seen many shows across the country. This was the best! It will stay in my heart forever.”  ~Adult attending “The Velveteen Rabbit”

“When the lights came on, the pirate climbed down and the actors started opening “the box” I was watching my kids. Their faces could not have been more engaged and curious. That was my favorite part, as it is every year with Imagination Celebration productions, introducing my babies to theater and getting lost in their wonderment. Thank you!”  ~Elementary School teacher on “Treasure Island”

What IF…A Festival of Innovation and Imagination:

What an INCREDIBLE DAY!! We didn’t want it to end! THANK YOU for giving our community such a special gift! – Business attendee

“Thanks for the festival – we didn’t even get around to everything.  The kids had a great time and we were interested in some of the innovations that were really forward thinking on a larger scale.”  ~WHAT IF festival attendee

“It was absolutely wonderful to see so many families wandering the streets of downtown experiencing business and organizations they may not have been aware of previously.  The What IF Festival was a terrific addition to the downtown landscape, offering people an opportunity to visit community assets such as the Pikes Peak Center, the Pioneers Museum and our local restaurants and shops…It was the quintessential downtown experience!”  ~WHAT IF festival attendee

iSpace – create community center:

“This is the best day of my life!” ~Maya, Age 6

“You guys are AWESOME. We love your heart for these kids and your programs. I took some of the kiddos from the special needs respite facility I work for to your art and science fair and it was VERY exciting to see their interest and the fact that a child with autism, another child with deafness, another with universal delays got along together, helped one another do the activities and were ENGAGED to learn.” ~Lauren, Special Needs Caregiver

“The music, the staff, the exhibits, the craft area… all inspirational and FUN. I had no idea this wonderful place and resource were right here so centrally-located. It’s a great place for us moms to come with (or without!) our children.” ~Shelley

Dragon Theatre Productions:  inclusive Community Theater – all ages, all skills, all abilities

dragon theater

“This performance changed my daughter’s life.  I watched her transform during the course of the rehearsals and performances from a fearful, bullied teen, into a confident, poised, engaging young woman.” – Parent of first time performer.

“The actors induce laughter and tears – focusing on all of the abilities on stage.  The Director has an amazing  vision for including everyone that wants to be Soaring Above promo shot 1ain the play.  My heart smiled so many times!” – Audience member.





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