Kaleidoscope Arts Project Programs


CHILDREN’S DIVISION   Establishing a love for the arts!  Our goal is to instill a solid foundation while building a love for performing.

Dance and Learn (pink for girls/gray for boys) is our youngest division and is devoted to little artists between 3 and 6 years of age.  Students in Dance and Learn will be introduced to Ballet, tap, and creative movement in a fun 45-minute class while learning dance etiquette, listening skills, right and left, cooperating with others, and fine motor skills through art.  These little dancers love to twirl, gallop, and use their imaginations to move!  Tap and Ballet shoes are required.

Exploring Dance (mulberry for girls/gray for boys) welcomes dancers 4 – 6 years of age with a teacher recommendation if graduating from Dance and Learn.  This 45-minute class incorporates all of the skills introduced in Dance and Learn, as well as, an introduction to Ballet barre and modern. Your little entertainer will also be introduced to dance and theater terminology, body alignment, class focus, discipline, and presentation.  Tap and Ballet shoes are required.

YOUTH DIVISION    Establishing a strong foundation.                                                                           Our goal is to establish a strong Ballet foundation with a love and appreciation for all styles of dance.

Level 1 (purple for girls/black for boys) Level 1 is the first level in our Youth Division.  Students entering Level 1 will need to be in 1st grade (with a minimum of one semester in Dance and Learn or Exploring Dance) and will transition to a 1-hour class. This level is very important for our budding artists as we introduce a more demanding Ballet syllabus, elements of composition, tap standards, and jazz basics. Ballet and tap shoes are required.

 Level 1A continues to reinforce the skills introduced in Exploring Dance while introducing elements of jazz technique and choreography.

 Level 1B  will be introduced to Lyrical/Contemporary and Hip Hop.  Promotion into Level 2 is by teacher/Director recommendation and is based on content knowledge, proficiency, and attendance. Ballet and Tap shoes are required.

Level 2 (light blue for girls/black for boys) is designed for dancers entering the 3rd grade or have a Level 1 teacher recommendation through 5th grade.  Students in Level 2 will be encouraged to participate in multiple dance styles before graduating to Level 3. We require Level 2 students to have a Composition book and pencil for classes and rehearsals and we highly recommend that students attend classes two days per week.         Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes are required.

Level 3 (Royal Blue for girls/black for boys) completes our Youth Division and is by teacher recommendation or audition only.  Students must understand and be able to demonstrate a knowledge of elements from Levels 1 and 2.  We require Level 3 students to have a Composition book and pencil for classes and rehearsals and we highly recommend that students attend classes two days per week.         Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes are required.

UPPER DIVISION     Looking to the Future

Kaleidoscope Arts Project (KAP) takes great pride in all of our graduates but we are especially excited for those who have chosen professional careers in the performing and visual arts.  It is during middle school that students should start thinking about their futures while still taking the time to train hard and have fun.  As artists approach high school, they should start to consider where in the professional world of dance, theater, music, or art they might like to focus their energy and what are the best college or trade options available.  From Stage Management to Costume Design, Choreography, or Broadway the career choices are endless. As a life-long dancer, I can assure you that keeping dance as a part of your health and fitness routine is integral to great mental and physical health! At KAP, our classes and shows are designed to inspire as well as prepare young artists to achieve their dreams.

Levels 4-6 are by teacher recommendation or audition only. Students should attend a minimum of three days per week in multiple styles.  Ballet students will be assessed for Pointe shoes and will be invited to join our resident dance company, Kaleidoscope Dance Project

For students in middle school and high school taking dance for the first time, our staff will assist you in choosing the best selection of classes for you.  Don’t stress….just dance!

Adult Classes          Just keep moving!   We love our adult dancers!  We have beginning classes in multiple dance styles and invite our more advanced adults to join any Level 4-6 classes they choose.

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