Greg Custer Summer Workshops

Greg Custer Drawing & Sculpture Summer Workshops!

The one trait that is of the utmost value to Greg Custer is passion. He has lived his life by the motto; “Nothing great ever happens casually.” The passion for his impressionistic landscape painting is ignited by setting foot on assorted trails that journey across the diverse terrain of our country’s southwest region. Greg moved to Colorado from the high plains of northwestern Kansas in 1980. The Colorado lifestyle has been a great fit for his art and active lifestyle. In addition to being a professional oil painter, Greg has been teaching art at a local charter school for the past ten years. His work with his students is diverse in mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. His students have produced prize-winning works at the regional, state, and national levels. Whether Greg is in his studio painting a landscape or helping a student construct a sculpture, one can see that his life’s journey is an all encompassing experience within the arts.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshop

Learning to draw means learning to see things differently- to see in ways not used in ordinary life. This drawing workshop will focus on improving one’s ability to observe objects more effectively. As a result, the aspiring artist will be able to capture accurate images through the art of drawing that have previously escaped them. This workshop will include studies and exercises that have been proven from the research and development of Dr. Betty Edwards and her best-selling book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” For over a decade, Betty Edwards has disproved the belief that learning to draw well is possible only for those lucky people with natural talent. Given proper instruction, the basic perceptual skills of drawing can be taught and can be learned in a short amount of time.

DATES: M-W-F June 8th – 29th (shown below on calendar in purple)
TIMES: 1 ½ hour sessions (10 sessions total)
Session 1: 10am-11:30am
Session 2: 2pm-3:30pm
Session 3: 5pm-6:30pm
COST: $100/per person (all supplies included)
CLASS SIZE: Maximum 12 per class for PREMIUM hands-on help
PREREQUISITE: NONE! Students do not have to have any previous drawing experience…just a hunger to learn. Whether you feel you have little talent and doubt you could ever learn; or you enjoy drawing but have not been able to get beyond a child-like level, this workshop will show you how to gain and master drawing skills. If you are already drawing as a professional artist it will give you a greater confidence in your ability and deepen your artistic perception.
AGE: This class is designed for teens and above!

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Sculpture Workshop (Bust Study)

This workshop will involve the study and creation of a life-sized bust sculpture of a human portrait (the head and shoulders of the human figure). The process of creating the sculpture will begin with drawing images on paper and then progressing on to miniature models, creation of armatures (metal skeleton/frame), molding of clay, and finishing with the application of the patina (the finish applied to the sculpture). Tools and instruction will be designed to help each student create an accurate and life like bust study.

DATES: M-W-F July 9th – Aug. 8th (shown below on calendar in blue)
TIMES: 2 hour sessions (10 sessions total)
Session 1: 9am-11am
Session 2: 1pm-3pm
Session 3: 5pm-7pm
COST: $150/per person (all supplies included)
CLASS SIZE: Maximum 12 per class for PREMIUM hands-on help
PREREQUISITE: NONE! Students do not have to have any previous studio art or sculpture experience…just a hunger to learn.
AGE: This class is designed for middle school age students and above. Parents are welcomed too.

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